Monday, March 10, 2008

Sixpoint Hop Obama is here!

Just a few minutes ago, we got our shipment of Sixpoint's Hop Obama, a Barack Obama tribute beer. It's made with five different types of Crystal malts, and three hop varieties from the Pacific Northwest--a diverse collection of different strains, just like the man himself. It's a mixed style (of course), packing a big hop and malt punch, and checking in at a reasonable 5.2% ABV. I can't give you a fuller description at this point, but this beer isn't about details--this beer is about hope and a rejection of beer as usual.

We're charging $6 for the beer; for each beer sold Pacific Standard will donate $1 to the Obama campaign. (But we don't want Hillary backers, Republicans, or independents to be prevented from trying a great beer--if you're fervently for someone else, you can request that we not make the donation.)

We've stocked as many kegs of Hop Obama as possible, but it will go very fast, so come in here early this week to fight the old adage and prove that politics and beer should, in fact, mix.

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