Monday, August 29, 2011

Mimsy returns September 6 at 8 pm.

After a summer vacation, Mimsy returns, with a new time slot but the same great show you’ve enjoyed so far. Our topic for September is “First Kisses,” so you know what to expect. And joining us will be Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez of 1,001 Nights and New York Confidential. We hope to see you there!


Mimsy is a monthly storytelling show in Brooklyn that works to find new ways to present stories, including our improv based “backline” form. It's at 8 PM every first Tuesday of the month. And the only house storytelling team in the city.


Ben Lillie
Caitlin Brodnick
Erin Barker
Hanuman Welch
Joe Evans III
Miguel de Leon
Olivia Henderson
Sarah Jewell

Pacific Standard | September 6 | 8 PM | No cover, no drink minimum.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quiz cancelled this Sunday due to weather.

Sorry, everyone, because of all the rainy blowy related problems, we figure it's gonna be in nobody's best interest to attend a pub quiz on Sunday, so we'll delay it. We also aren't doing a Labor Day weekend quiz, so we'll see you all on September 11 (yikes, is there any good day to do quiz recently?). If you want to come by at any time during the weekend, though, we'll be open and doing our traditional Pacific Standard inclement weather evacuation center drink-in.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pacific Standard's Fourth Birthday Spectacular, September 8,

or, the Jo(h)ns' Dispenser Hop Implosion.

Anyone who went to our third birthday party last year can attest that when Pacific Standard and Sixpoint get together, it gets naaaasty, in a very hoppy, delicious kind of way. In keeping with that tradition, we'll be featuring another amazing selection of Sixpoint beers for our fourth birthday (observed) on Thursday, September 8, including a brand-new mystery beer! Here's the tentative lineup (as you can see we are indeed going to try to implode you by dispensing hops):

On tap:

--Hops of Love (a very rare, hoppy beer from Sixpoint's cellar)
--Old Krusher (a Sixpoint barleywine that's closer to a huge IPA)
--Gemini (a hard-to find double IPA)
--Bengali Tiger (their classic IPA)


--Brand-New Mystery Beer (all we know right now is that's it's gonna be wet-hopped within an inch of its life)

In cask:

--Lil' Frankie's Pale Ale (rarely seen outside of the restaurant for which it is named)
--Autobahn (more hops! and rare to boot!)

What's more, we'll be doing a raffle! For every Sixpoint beer you buy, you'll get a free raffle ticket. At 10 pm, we'll raffle off all kinds of oddities and rarities from our vaults. So drink early and often, and you'll have a good chance of getting a one-of-a-kind collector's item. In short, ladies and gentlemen, start your salivation.

NFL and college football at Pacific Standard!

As in seasons past, Pacific Standard has DirecTV's NFL package and college packages, so can show basically any televised game during the season, the fact that we only have 2 projection screens (but glorious and large screens) permitting. We do have a West Coast bias, but we get fans from all over the place, so feel free to come by and ask for any game. If you're bringing a large group and/or are wondering if we'll be able to show a game for you, feel free to contact us in advance (e-mail us at pacificstandardbrooklyn --at-- or call the bar at 718-858-1951).

More specifically, we've continued our commitment to be the official Cal alumni bar in Brooklyn! We'll show all the Cal games that are on TV, starting with Fresno State just a couple weeks from now, on September 3 at 7 pm. Every dollar you spend during a Cal game increases the amount we donate to scholarships for worthy incoming Cal students, so you can feel philanthropic about your football-related drinking.  And we'll continue two well-loved specials during Cal games: Lagunitas pints will all be $1 off for the duration of the game, and right after Cal scores a touchdown, all drinks will be $1 off. Cal is flying under the radar, but (maybe because of that) there's a little ursine whispering in our ear that this could be a surprisingly good year for us. Go Bears!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Standard Issues storytelling: Religion, August 23 at 8 pm.

This month, Standard Issues has it out with the Big Man! We are having a come to Jesus with Jesus. And maybe Mohammed, Buddha, and L. Ron Hubbard.

Our stellar line up will include:

Peter (The Demon Pope) Aguero
Steve (Building An Arc) Zimmer
Miguel (Walks on Water) De Leon
Jenny (Handing Out Tracts At The Airport) C'est Quoi
Brad (The Ass On The Road To Damascus) Lawrence
and your host
Cyndi (Sister Wife) Freeman

And maybe you, if you are picked out of the hat as our Mystery Guest!

This Show Is Free!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Story Collider August 16 at 8 pm.

They have secrets for us, in their words and their genes. We play games with them, and they teach us how our hearts function. We fire up the bunsen burner and look through a telescope with them--or just toast a drink at the dinner table while we wonder if we're related. They're everything we are, and everything we desperately don't want to be.

Join The Story Collider for six stories of families and science, August 16th, 8pm at Pacific Standard.

Stories by:

ALLISON DOWNEY, Singer-songwriter, storyteller, and professor
NELSON LUGO, Vaudevillian
KELLI PORTERFIELD, Film producer, comedian, and writer
DANA ROSSI, Writer and storyteller
RACHEL WECHT, Actor and improviser

Allison Downey is an award-winning Singer-Songwriter, theater artist, writer and educator. An Associate Professor of Creative Arts Education (former Theatre Professor) at Western Michigan University, Allison just returned from sabbatical in NYC researching storytelling and performing at notable storytelling events including Liar Show, Standard Issues, and The People's Improv Theatre. Allison recently toured with The Moth on the Road Mainstage performances in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, Michigan (The Power Center), and taught storytelling through The Moth to high school students in South Bronx, NY. Allison leads workshops and retreats in storytelling, creativity, arts integration, and songwriting. Songs from her latest CD, Across the Sea received numerous awards and international and satellite radio Airplay.

Julie Kraut is a writer living in New York. She is the co-author of Hot Mess and author of Slept Away, both young adult novels.

Nelson Lugo started performing when he was nine and a half years old, after receiving a Harry Blackstone Jr. Magic Kit for Christmas. He sometimes wonders what would have happened differently in his life if he had gotten Lincoln Logs. Fed on a steady diet of comic books, Benny Hill, sci-fi and Abbott & Costello jokes — Nelson combines classic magic with a geeky contemporary twist - old school showmanship peppering with the nerdiest of pop culture references. He is the co-producer of EPIC WIN Burlesque that currently has five shows in August at the NY International Fringe Festival called "Star Debate: Trek vs. Wars".

Kelli Porterfield is a comedian, film producer and writer. Her solo show, "Mirror Mirror On The Wall", plays at The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC and was invited to the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in 2011. Kelli studied and performed at The Second City, Improv Olympic and UCB theaters and created and runs the comedy arts program at Pace University. "Old Cats", a film she produced, was an Official Selection of the New York and Sundance Film Festivals and will open in theaters this Fall.

Dana Rossi is the creator and host of The Soundtrack Series--a storytelling series where writers tell the stories they connect with songs from their pasts. Her writing has appeared in NY Press, Time Out NY, and even a website here and there. An essay of hers will appear in Madonna & Me--an anthology of essays about Madonna, which will publish in March 2012.

Rachel Bitney Wecht started acting and improvising at the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, MN. After moving to Boston she was cast as a Mainstage performer with the Improv Asylum, where she wrote and performed five shows a week for three years. She recently completed a four month contract with Second City on the Norwegian Spirit cruise ship. Rachel currently resides in New York, where she tells stories and performs improv comedy at The People's Improv Theater. In her spare time she enjoys watching videos of tiny animals, reading romance novels, and playing her ukulele.