Saturday, July 23, 2011

$3 pint nights moving to Mondays.

A quick announcement that we're shifting our $3 pint nights, where we feature a couple drafts for $3 all night, to Mondays instead of Tuesdays. Since we're having more and more events in the back on Tuesdays, this will ensure that all you $3 pint drinkers have the whole bar to stretch out and enjoy your craft beer, instead of being restricted to just the front. So starting this Monday (the 25th) come by any time to get one of the best craft beer deals in New York City, with added space. Cheers!

Wandering Star Brewing event August 17 at 7 pm.

We're thrilled to have an event on August 17 featuring brand-new beers from a start-up created by some of New York City's leading homebrew, cask ale, and microbrew figures. Here's some info about the brewery, Wandering Star:

Wandering Star is a start-up microbrewery in Pittsfield, western Massachusetts, the largest city in beautiful Berkshire County. The brewery is the joint effort of three transplanted brewers and craft beer enthusiasts who met in New York City's thriving craft beer scene a few years back; Chris Post, owner and founder, ex-assistant brewer at Greenpoint Beer Works (affiliated with the Heartland brewpubs), President Emeritus of The New York City Homebrewers Guild; Alex Hall, Ale Street News columnist, ex-head of the notorious Malted Barley Appreciation Society, Real Ale guru and organizer of scores of cask ale festivals in NYC and beyond; and Chris Cuzme, 2010 President of the Malted Barley Appreciation Society, co-founder of the NYC Degustation Advisory Team, one of the driving forces behind NYC Craft Beer Week.

We'll feature their Raindrop Pale Ale in cask form, as well as their Disqualified Imperial Stout, Mild at Heart mild ale, and their Alpha Pale on draft. If you want to try beer from one of the newest and best-pedigreed breweries to come to New York City, this is your chance. Of course, you'll also have a chance to meet the brewers, and we'll be doing specials on the beers all night. Save the date!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Standard Issues storytelling July 26 at 8 pm.

Standard Issues celebrates Freedom. It means something different to everyone. For some it is freedom of speech, for some freedom of expression, for some it is the open road, for most of us it is never having to deal again with that person you never should have slept with in the first place.

Come this month and find out what it means to these people:

Jim (Captain America) O'Grady
Rory (Nick Fury) Scholl
Ben (Uncle Sam) Lillie
and Cyndi (The Riveter) Freeman
your host
Brad (J. Edgar Hoover) Lawrence

and You! If you are chosen as our mystery guest from the hat.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special debut authors reading July 21 at 7 pm.

Please join us for a special summer reading with Ilya Kaminsky and three debut authors: Austin LaGrone, Katie Farris, and Martin Woodside. Event hosted by Jennifer Hope.

Featured Authors

Born in Baton Rouge, Austin LaGrone is the author of Oyster Perpetual, winner of the 2010 Idaho Prize for Poetry (Lost Horse Press, 2011). His poems have appeared in Black Warrior Review, Crazyhorse, Hayden`s Ferry, Indiana Review, Many Mountains Moving, and Willow Springs. He holds degrees from St. John`s College and New York University and teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan.

Katie Farris is the author of "boysgirls" (Marick Press, 2011) and co-translator of Polina Barskova's "This Lamentable City" (Tupelo Press, 2009) and Guy Jean's "If I Were Born in Prague" (Argos Books, 2011). Her fictions and translations appear or are forthcoming in Virginia Quarterly Review, Verse, Mid-American Review, Indiana Review and other publications. She holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Brown's MFA in Literary Arts program and is currently an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University.

Martin Woodside is a poet and translator whose work has appeared in numerous literary journals, both in America and Romania, including Brookyn Rail, The Cimarron Review, Guernica, and Poetry International. His chapbook of poems, Stationary Landscapes, came out from Pudding House Press in 2009, and a volume of his Romanian translations, Of Gentle Wolves, is out now from Calypso Editions.

Ilya Kaminsky is the author of "Dancing in Odessa" (Tupelo Press, 2004) and co-editor of "Ecco Anthology of International Poetry" (Harper Collins, 2010). His work has won awards from American Academy of Arts and Letters and Poetry magazine, as well as a Whiting Writing Award and Lannan Fellowship.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Story Collider July 19 at 8 pm.

Gadgets, gizmos, doodads - we're surrounded by them and immersed in them. They connect us across the world and separate us in the same room, show us new forests and hide the trees, fix our hearts and raise our cholesterol. We invent them, but they reinvent us.

Join us 8pm, July 19th at Pacific Standard for six stories of technology.

Stories by:
Justin D'Ambrosio, Theater tech
Nicole Ferraro, Writer and editor
Amy Klein, Journalist, editor of Brain World
Sara Peters, Tech writer and editor
"B", Writer and creator of STFU, Parents
David Smithyman, Comedian

About The Story Collider:
From finding awe in Hubble images to visiting the doctor, science is everywhere in our lives. Whether we wear a white lab coat or haven't seen a test tube since 8th grade, science affects and changes us. We all have a story about science, and at The Story Collider, we want to hear those stories.


Justin D'Ambrosio is the head technical director at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, as well as a writer and actor. Most recently, he's performed as a Gryffindor wizard in The Hogwarts Improv Society and as "Justin the tech guy who gets a lot of pussy" in Pangea 3000 Presents Pangea 3000 Performs a Show. He is also both of those things in real life.

Nicole Ferraro is a writer and editor living in New York City. Her creative non-fiction essays have appeared in The New York Times, Our Town, New York Press, Mr. Beller's Neighborhood, and The Frisky. As a self-proclaimed socially anxious weirdo, she typically performs only for her bathroom mirror but has on occasion emerged from her basement apartment to tell her stories at Cornelia Street Cafe, Happy Ending Lounge, and Telephone Bar. By day she is the executive editor of, where she writes a column about the future of the Internet.

Amy Klein has jumped out of a plane, toured Ukraine and busted a cult in Costa Rica -- all for a story. She's been published in The New York Times' Modern Love, ("Looking for a Blessing to Marry" and "My Very Own Cyberstalker"), The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, and Hustler (her article, not her pinup) and a number of anthologies. Although she is a Moth Storyslam winner, she is more comfortable behind the computer screen, but is trying to live by the motto "Life Begins at Where Your Comfort Zone Ends."

Originally from New Jersey, Sara Peters now lives in Sunnyside, Queens with her charming, maddening husband. A tech writer whose work focuses on IT security, she is currently editor-in-chief of a Web publication for IT professionals. Sara is also a storyteller and actor. Onstage she's played a Texan housewife, an Oklahoman spinster, an Irish housekeeper, and an English android. She's been a rower, a ballerina, a track runner, a Hula Hoop instructor, and is an occasional and very poor surfer. Her favorite television show is Naruto, which is a Japanese cartoon about a teenage ninja.

STFU, Parents is a submission-based blog that mocks parent overshare on social networking sites. It was created in March 2009 by a lady named B. and is an entertainment destination for thousands of daily readers. It was listed as one of "7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time on Right Now" by The Huffington Post and has been featured on Salon, MSNBC, The New York Post, The Hairpin and The Guardian. The site serves as a guide for parents on what not to post about their kids as well as a forum for non-parents to vent about their TMI-related frustrations.

Failing to ever fulfill his true potential as an Australian child actor, David Smithyman now lives in Williamsburg and co-hosts and co-produces his own monthly comedy show, We're Nice People, in the Lower East Side (now in it's second year), as well as a monthly variety show in Queens, a fortnightly trivia night in Brooklyn, and an Xbox marathon in his apartment every night of the week. He divides his time between writing jokes, petting animals, and teaching stand-up comedy to teenagers at Gotham Comedy Club.

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Cocktail Menu, Cocktail Night, and Cocktail of the Month!

Though Pacific Standard is known as a beer bar, we love a good cocktail as much as anyone. Our master mixologist Jon Stan, who honed his craft during his long tenure as a bartender at fancy restaurants, has concocted a new menu of summertime favorites. To wit:

Blueberry Lemonade ($8): Lemon, sugar, blueberry and citrus vodka, topped with soda.
The Carney Lansford ($9): Muddled cucumber, lemon, gin, topped with soda.
Dark and Stormy ($8): Jamaican ginger beer topped with Myers dark rum.
Mike Gallego’s Cup ($8): Pimm’s, lemon, topped with ginger ale.

What's more, we're going to start featuring a cocktail of the month, which will regularly change depending on season and whimsy. For July, it's the Mike Gallego's Cup, a delicious tribute to everyone's favorite tiny second baseman. To encourage you to give it a try, for the next week (through Thursday) it's $2 off if you mention you want the Gallego Special. That's a 25% discount, which is about the same as Gallego's career batting average.

Finally, starting immediately, Wednesdays are Cocktail Nights at Pacific Standard. All our cocktails will be $1 off all night Wednesday night. So come by in your best seersucker and knock a few back.