Thursday, May 24, 2012

DadWagon Presents: Loinfruit, Meltdowns, and Weeknight Drinking.

From the editors of, a bloggy celebration of the foul-smelling joys of fatherhood, comes a new monthly reading series featuring some of New York’s most entertaining dads. Every month starting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, “DadWagon Presents” will bring three procreative writers to Pacific Standard (82 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-858-1951; to tell parenting tales that may make you laugh, will probably make you cringe with self-recognition, and will almost definitely send you to the bar for another pint. So, leave the kids at home (please!) and come see our inaugural speakers:

• Peter Meehan, author of the Momofuku and Frankies cookbooks, former NYT “$25 & Under” columnist, and founder (with David Chang) of Lucky Peach magazine. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and their daughter, Hazel.
• Jeff Yang, “Tao Jones” columnist at the Wall Street Journal, regular contributor to WNYC and PRI’s “The Takeaway,” and author of Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology (volume 2 to be released this fall). He lives four blocks away in Park Slope with his wife, Heather, and their awesome sons, Hudson and Skyler.
• Paul Ford, founder, former Harper’s Magazine editor, writer for New York, Slate, The Morning News, as well as the author of the novel Gary Benchley, Rock Star, and an all-around Internet-fame guru. He is lives in Ditmas Park (which he claims is much nicer than Park Slope) with his wife and twin babies.

Again, the details:

Where: Pacific Standard (82 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-858-1951;
When: 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13
Cost: Free!
Sponsor: “A little better than most blogs” is how Parents Magazine described, three journalists’ attempt to make sense of the sometimes baffling, often excruciating, occasionally amusing world of fatherhood in New York City. Those three are Nathan Thornburgh, a writer for Time and founder of; Theodore Ross, features editor at Men’s Journal and author of the forthcoming “Am I a Jew?”; and Matt Gross, a travel and food writer and the Times’ former Frugal Traveler columnist.

Holodeck improv comedy June 6 at 8 pm!

A monthly show where all the comedy is made up on the premises. See some of the city's best indie improv teams perform their stuff. Hosted by the improv group Local Hero with this month's special guests The Indicators, Not Smith, and with musical improv from Hollywood, Kansas.

Step into the Holodeck where all your fantasies come true. Just be sure to knock if Commander Riker's in there.

Local Hero are:

Peter Cestaro
Alessandra Migliaccio
Michael Romanos
Bardia Salimi

Hollywood, Kansas are:

Evan Altshuler
Nikita Burdein
Allison Castellano
Jason Flowers
Katie Foster
Caryn Lewi
Curtis Retherford

The Indicators are:

Lindsey Carter
James Cronin
Matt Gifford
Rob Greene
James Isaac
Candace Lawrence
Alaine Livingston
Ben Owens

Not Smith are:

Matthew Bratnick
Allison Heim
Andrew Lee
Melinda Lin
Anna Mejorda
Casey McCormick
Ben Popken
Colleen Smith

Monday, May 7, 2012

May cocktail of the month!

Now that Rick Santorum has left a gaping, frothy hole in our hearts and our cocktail menu, we decided to hop on the bandwagon with everyone else and create a new cocktail for the rest of the campaign season: the Mint Rumney. It's mint, Rogue light rum (to prove that Mitt is as freewheeling and Tea Party-friendly as he says he is), grapefruit juice, and bitters, topped with a bit of Prosecco (to show you that Mitt is still a classy guy who won't offend the big money in the party). Come by and try one. You really have no other option.