Thursday, May 29, 2014

World Cup schedule!

For those who have been asking, yes, we'll be showing all the World Cup games we can on our two big screens, including, obviously, all the US games. We'll also be opening early some days in order to show especially important games. Here's the rundown of the bar's World Cup schedule so far:

In General

Fridays-Sundays: We open at noon, so we'll be able to show all the World Cup games on those days.
Mondays-Thursdays: We open at 4 pm, and will be able to show all games after then. On some days, we'll open earlier than usual in order to show afternoon games (see below).


Monday-Thursday early openings:
--Monday, June 16th, we'll open at noon for Germany vs. Portugal (12 pm) and Iran vs. Nigeria (3 pm).
--Tuesday, June 17th, we'll open at 3 pm for Brazil vs. Mexico.
--Wednesday, June 18th, we'll open at 3 pm for Spain vs. Chile.
--Thursday, June 19th, we'll open at noon for Colombia vs. Ivory Coast (12 pm) and Uruguay vs. England (3 pm).
--Thursday, June 26th, we'll open at noon for United States vs. Germany and Portugal vs. Ghana.
 --Monday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 1 we MAY open at noon for Round of 16 games, depending on which teams are participating and popular demand. Call/e-mail us or follow us on Twitter/Facebook for updates.
--All games from the quarterfinals on will be shown during our normal hours.

If a game you and your friends really want to see isn't taking place during the times above, feel free to contact us. If we know that a group will come, we're happy to open early any day.