Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pacific Standard's Fourth Birthday Spectacular, September 8,

or, the Jo(h)ns' Dispenser Hop Implosion.

Anyone who went to our third birthday party last year can attest that when Pacific Standard and Sixpoint get together, it gets naaaasty, in a very hoppy, delicious kind of way. In keeping with that tradition, we'll be featuring another amazing selection of Sixpoint beers for our fourth birthday (observed) on Thursday, September 8, including a brand-new mystery beer! Here's the tentative lineup (as you can see we are indeed going to try to implode you by dispensing hops):

On tap:

--Hops of Love (a very rare, hoppy beer from Sixpoint's cellar)
--Old Krusher (a Sixpoint barleywine that's closer to a huge IPA)
--Gemini (a hard-to find double IPA)
--Bengali Tiger (their classic IPA)


--Brand-New Mystery Beer (all we know right now is that's it's gonna be wet-hopped within an inch of its life)

In cask:

--Lil' Frankie's Pale Ale (rarely seen outside of the restaurant for which it is named)
--Autobahn (more hops! and rare to boot!)

What's more, we'll be doing a raffle! For every Sixpoint beer you buy, you'll get a free raffle ticket. At 10 pm, we'll raffle off all kinds of oddities and rarities from our vaults. So drink early and often, and you'll have a good chance of getting a one-of-a-kind collector's item. In short, ladies and gentlemen, start your salivation.

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