Thursday, August 18, 2011

NFL and college football at Pacific Standard!

As in seasons past, Pacific Standard has DirecTV's NFL package and college packages, so can show basically any televised game during the season, the fact that we only have 2 projection screens (but glorious and large screens) permitting. We do have a West Coast bias, but we get fans from all over the place, so feel free to come by and ask for any game. If you're bringing a large group and/or are wondering if we'll be able to show a game for you, feel free to contact us in advance (e-mail us at pacificstandardbrooklyn --at-- or call the bar at 718-858-1951).

More specifically, we've continued our commitment to be the official Cal alumni bar in Brooklyn! We'll show all the Cal games that are on TV, starting with Fresno State just a couple weeks from now, on September 3 at 7 pm. Every dollar you spend during a Cal game increases the amount we donate to scholarships for worthy incoming Cal students, so you can feel philanthropic about your football-related drinking.  And we'll continue two well-loved specials during Cal games: Lagunitas pints will all be $1 off for the duration of the game, and right after Cal scores a touchdown, all drinks will be $1 off. Cal is flying under the radar, but (maybe because of that) there's a little ursine whispering in our ear that this could be a surprisingly good year for us. Go Bears!

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