Thursday, March 13, 2008

More information about the cheese night--summary: you HAVE TO BE HERE.

You already know about our Barack Obama beer. Then, out of the blue, I get this e-mail from our beer and cheese night curator, Sean:


I will email you Friday with the specfic cheeses I will bring for next Tuesday. I have a pretty good sense, but I want to see whats in the best shape closer to the event. I've got a really cool one from Lazy Lady farms called 'Barick Obama' thats a really tasty mild washed rind cheese. It tastes like change and hope!


That foul wench Fate seems to have smiled on Pacific Standard, and you, our esteemed cheese-eaters. We'll have a Barack Obama cheese and beer on Tuesday. What's more, we're planning on washing the cheese in the beer beforehand, to make them an even better pair. Below are the other excellent cheeses:

Hoja Santa, a goat's milk from Texas wrapped in Hoja Santa leaves. The leaves give the cheese a nice licorice or star anise note. Otherwise the cheese is tangy, lemony and fresh.

Constant Bliss, a cow's milk double creme from Vermont. It is aged until it is exactly legal (60 days) and then released. It is earthy, truffly and rich.

Barack Obama, from Lazy Lady farms in Vermont.

Tumalo Classico, goats milk from Oregon.

Upland Pleasant Ridge Reserve, cow from Wisconsin. an award winning cheese made in the style of the great Swiss mountain cheeses. It is nutty and earthy with a hint of spiciness reminiscent of raw garlic or onions.

Black Ledge Blue from Cato Corners in Connecticut. A really nice earthy, fudgy blue with a loooooong finish.

We're planning on getting everyone more cheese (and guaranteeing everyone full plates), so we'll have to increase the buy-in to $10. Still a steal, in our opinion. There will be a limited amount of tickets, so come as early as possible to buy yours in advance and have a beer or two before the tasting.

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