Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A bold social experiment.

This Friday, and on succeeding Fridays, as an alpha test, we're going to open earlier, at 12 noon, for those of you who might have a half-day, or be getting out of a long day of teaching school, or those of you who, like us, are simply oddly-scheduled genteel men- and women- about town who'd like to stop by for an afternoon tipple. Our beloved Becca will be working these Fridays from 12-8. Come in, have a conversation with her, read or relax in our skylit back room, use your computer, or whatever strikes your fancy. It'll be happy hour the entire time.


jack a said...

Do you guys offer wifi access? If so, Pacific Standard could be a fun place for freelancers and consultants like me to "work" from on Fridays.

Pacific Standard said...

Yes, we have wifi!


Anonymous said...

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