Monday, March 17, 2008

Fuller descriptions of the cheeses for tomorrow night.

Hoja Santa, pasteurized goat, Texas. Made by The Mozzarella Company. The cheese takes its name from the Hoja Santa leaf it is wrapped in. The leaf wrapping gives the cheese a nice licorice or star anise note. Some people say the aroma reminds them of root beer. Otherwise the cheese is tangy, lemony and fresh.

Constant Bliss, raw cow, Greensboro, Vermont. Made by Jasper Hill Farms. In order to be legal in the U.S., raw milk cheeses must be aged for at least 60 days. Pasteurization removes some of the subtle nuances that can connect a cheese to its terroir. Unfortunately, this can make some of the fresh young soft cheeses blander than they would be if they were raw. Andy and Mateo Kehler of Jasper Hill Farm adapted a recipe for a traditional French double creme so that it will still be soft when aged to the 60 day minimum. This means that the cheese maintains its richness and its earthy, truffle notes.

Barick Obama, cow, Vermont. Made by Lazy Lady Farms. While the cheese is ready (and delicious) on the first day, I've decided to wash it in the Sixpoint Hop Obama. The continued washings will bring out the fruity notes in the cheese and the maltiness of the beer will pair nicely with the rich meatiness of the cheese.

Tumalo Classico, goat, Oregon. Made by Tumalo Farms. Classico is a goat's milk gouda that isn't aged too long, about 8-12 weeks. It has a nice bit of caramel flavor, but is pleasantly tangy and acidic as well.

Upland Pleasant Ridge Reserve, cow from Wisconsin. Uplands Pleasant Ridge is an award winning cheese made in the style of the great Swiss mountain cheeses. It is made in the traditional style only during the summer months when the cows are grazing on pasturethis gives it a complex nutty and earthy flavor with hints of spiciness reminiscent of raw garlic or onions. This wheel is about 6 months old.

Black Ledge Blue from Cato Corners in Connecticut. Cato Corners has about 35 cows on 75 acres of land. They make wonderful organic raw milk cheeses. Black Ledge Blue is a really nice earthy, fudgy blue with a loooooong finish.

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