Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pacific Standard Music Contest

A frank admission, ladies and gentlemen. Jon and I work here a lot. A lot. And the whole time we're working, since it is a bar, music is playing. The end result is that though we have a massive playlist, we now know it backwards, forwards, sideways, and any other kind of relativistic, "Wrinkle In Time" way you can think of.

In short, we're bored, even with our favorite music. Deathly bored. And it's kind of terrifying us--it's ruining our personal musical touchstones. Save us, our fair clientele. Make a mix CD, or several, and bring them in to the Standard during the month of April. In return, we'll do the following:

--Do our best to work your CD or CDs into our playlist (with some limitations, of course: super-experimental or hard-core stuff just won't work for our kind of bar).
--Give you $2 off a beer (this applies just for the first CD you bring).

Most excitingly, the top submissions, as judged by our magnificently sensitive ears, will win prizes. Like lots of beer, and gift certificates to the iTunes store. The luxuriousness of the final prizes will depend on how much music we get, since we want to encourage you all to bring in as much as possible.

See you, and hear you, soon.

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