Monday, March 17, 2008

Pacific Standard March Madness Tournament Pool

It's NCAA tournament time, ladies and gentlemen, and we here at Pacific Standard couldn't be more excited. We may not be able to root for our beloved Cal Bears, but we can at least root against Stanfurd, USC, and the many other teams that serve as instruments of oppression, privilege, and sheer evil.

We've started a Pacific Standard group on ESPN's Tournament Challenge site:

Go there, sign up for an ESPN account if you need to, and join our group. The group name is "Pacific Standard" and the password is "gocornell". Then, if you'd like to be part of our pool, bring $5 by Pacific Standard before the games start on Thursday (or make arrangements with us if you're in a remote location or for some other reason won't be able to come by). The winner of the group will receive all the money that people put in for their entries, plus a $30 bar tab here at the Standard. The second and third place winners will each get a $20 bar tab.

Pacific Standard will be opening early, at 12 pm, to show the opening-round games on Thursday and Friday, and will open as usual at noon on Saturday and Sunday. We'll be showing whatever CBS is showing on our massive projection screen, and we'll have drink specials. (Free round on us if Cornell can manage to beat Stanfurd!) Come by and enjoy March Madness in a relaxed, non-fratty setting. See you soon,

John and Jon

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