Wednesday, March 26, 2008

April the 6th, 2008

Nearly thirty years ago, one of our owners, John-Christian Godsil Rauschenberg, emerged into this world full of vague fears, doubts, and adorable baby-sized ennui. Despite enormous obstacles, he has managed not to die, and to grow to the full, manly age of thirty years old. On Sunday, April 6, we'll be celebrating his birthday with toasts, encomiums, sing-alongs, huggings, and microbrew. John will return to the bar after a Brooklyn tour at 11 pm, and festivities will promptly ensue with the Fourth Avenue crew. All of you are welcome to come by. We'll be in a generous mood, so free rounds are likely.

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For the last several months, there has been a woeful lack of visual evidence of these putative events you hold. I respectfully submit that Mr. Rauschenberg's birthday should be thoroughly documented, for the public, and for posterity. Photographs would be ideal, but stick-figure diagrams would also suffice.