Monday, September 21, 2009

We're extending the Sixpoint Challenge!

Because a valiant few of you drank nearly 12 Sixpoint beers, but came up a few short at the end and couldn't make it up given the beers we had on tap then, we've decided, in our infinite forgiveness, to give you a second chance to finish and earn your limited edition Sixpoint/Pacific Standard t-shirt. Here are the details:

--If you drank nine or more Sixpoint beers during the course of the week, you still have until October 1 to get to 12 beers and earn your shirt.
--You can drink any Sixpoint beers you want, even if they're repeats of beers on your list, or each other. For instance, if you have 9 Sixpoints already on your list, you can just drink three Sweet Actions to get to 12, or a Sweet Action and two Brownstones, etc., etc.

Those of you who have completed the challenge but haven't picked up their shirts yet can come in any time to do so. Hope to see you 9+ people soon and reward you justly for your efforts.

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