Sunday, September 13, 2009

Exact Craft Beer Week Sixpoint schedule

including a one-off beer that's almost never seen in NYC. To wit:

Friday the 11th: Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger (one of our three $2 Beer Week specials), Brownstone, and Righteous Rye.
Saturday the 12th: Mason's Black Wheat
Sunday the 13th: Emasculator
Monday the 14th: Carob Porter
Tuesday the 15th: Gorilla Warfare
Wednesday the 16th: Bolshoi
Thursday the 17th: Hops of Love (brewed specially for a wedding, almost never seen in NYC)
Friday the 18th: Diesel
Saturday the 19th: Apollo Wheat

We'll also put a Sixpoint cask on soon, which will count as a separate beer, in order to assist people who might miss one of the beers that went on early in the week in completing the 12-beer challenge. Remember, if you drink 12 different Sixpoint beers during Beer Week (September 11-20), you get a limited-edition Pacific Standard/Sixpoint t-shirt.

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