Friday, September 25, 2009

The first in a series

of guesses as to what we'll be showing on Sunday, NFL-wise. We want to emphasize that this is just a guess, and as usual, we will honor our first-come, first-served policy--if you come first, and ask us for a game, we'll put it on and keep it on for you. We're just trying to avoid any potential conflicts by giving you a heads-up as to what people will probably want to watch on our two screens:

Sunday, September 27:

1 pm: NY Jets vs. Tennessee
1 pm: San Francisco vs. Minnesota
4 pm: Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati
4 pm: Denver vs. Oakland


Mattinator said...

Pittsburgh vs Cincinatti?! That Seattle game smells much more Pacific...

J-C. G. Rauschenberg said...

Indeed, but we've got a bit of a Pittsburgh contingent. We'll try to get Seattle on as much as possible, though.