Monday, September 7, 2009

Sports update.

Lots of sporty stuff going on now that it's the fall season:

--Our college football package is in full effect. We have the ESPN GamePlan package, as well as all the Big 10 network games, and all the games carried on the Western regional networks. Basically, everything gettable is being gotten here.
--We also have all the NFL games, and will be showing as many as we can on our two big screens starting Thursday, with Pittsburgh against Tennessee.
--U.S. World Cup qualifier this Wednesday against the evil empire of Trinidad, which apparently has been joined by the equally nefarious Tobago in an attempt to defeat these United States. The ESPN coverage will start at 6:30 pm from Port of Spain, and we will have it, and a lot of fans, here. Join us for the island vacation; we'll have the usual $1 off all drinks special every time the U.S. scores.
--Cal embarrassed Maryland by the ridiculous score of 52-13 last Saturday, and we all enjoyed it. Next up is Eastern Washington on Saturday at 5:30 pm, and if you think we won't have the game here, you're grievously mistaken.
--Also upcoming is Cal's game against Minnesota on Saturday, September 19, at 12 noon. We'll open early, at 11:30 am (maybe even earlier), to let people get settled in and get drinks before the game starts.

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