Monday, April 28, 2008

Finnegans Wake Reading Group Wednesday

Here's the agenda for the Finnegans Wake reading/discussion group this Wednesday. Last Wednesday was an enlightening and beery affair, we have heard, so y'all should check it out this time around:

"This week's Wake reading group will be doing the first chapter (pgs 3-26) of the book, after last week's preparation/introduction meeting. Even if you did not attend last weeks, you can still join. (In fact, anyone can join at any point, due to the circular nature of the book. But I think its probably better to join in now)."


Mistress of Philosophy said...

Any chance of a reading group for Ulysses at any point? Perhaps for Bloomsday, June 16?

Pacific Standard said...

You never know--I'll mention your idea to our Finnegans Wake dude.

Mistress of Philosophy said...

Cool - thanks!