Thursday, April 10, 2008

Custom growlers; slight and felicitous change in growler pricing.

First of all, we've just received samples of the official Pacific Standard logo growlers, and they look glorious. We'll have 144 more of them in a week or so. Come by to pick yours up!

In a related matter, we've decided to add another small perk to our Frequent Drinker Program. A fill of a growler normally sells for the cost of four 16 oz. pints of that beer here at the Standard. But we decided we'd reward our Frequent Drinking Program members by discounting each pint in their growlers $1--essentially a happy hour special. So a growler of most beers here will be $4 off for a frequent drinker (a growler of a 12 oz. pour beer will be $5 off). I hope that pleases you loyal and sturdy customers. See you soon.

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