Friday, February 23, 2007

Routers, circular saws, and us.

Yesterday, in addition to meeting with our walk-in refrigerator guy and our robot designer, we had a company cart away a huge amount of demolished material. It was very satisfying to watch all that scrap wood and metal and bags of drywall get crushed by a thunderous, smoke-belching pneumatic truck. In our new, refreshingly open and clean space, we began carpentry work.

Our first job was the tricky matter of cutting an oddly trapezoidal piece of wood to fit in the hole in the floor of our back room. After much circular sawing and routering, we got a piece of plywood to fit. Now we just need to insert a few 2x4s as support and we'll be done. Next up is patching other parts of the floor and making our staircases less treacherous. This handyman-type work is really fun stuff, and it's a lot of fun to play with our toys. I think I'm going to try building some shelving and a big bookcase myself, now that we have the router.

Wound clinic for me today. I pray my finger will return to health soon. Otherwise I shall send it to Italy for a rest cure.

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