Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bathroom names!

We're going to have two unisex bathrooms (our friend/savior Christian is designing the signs for them), but there's something unappealing to me about going with the basic "Restroom". I was thinking of fun non-male/female duos to put on the doors instead. I list my brainstorm below. Do you have a favorite? Do you have any ideas of your own? Just think, you could be the one to name our loos!


Lots and lots of news. Full update soon.


nedra (aka john's sister) said...

i like pacific/atlantic. and yay and yay for unisex bathrooms (i'm sooo tired of standing in line with women, while you gentelemen don't have to wait).
my co-worker suggests east coast / west coast.
and as the (hopeful) bar social worker, i must say that i think great names would be psychoanalysts/behaviorists.

Jeff Gorlechen said...

What about Left Coast and Right Coast?

Anna said...

i also like pacific/atlantic, or east coast/west coast. or beer/liquor...

Rudy said...

I agree that you need some west coast or west/east nod.

NoCal/SoCal? with matching decor.

Beats/Hard-Boiled? (choose your cali lit movement) Or archetypical eastern poet and western poet?

Trees from the different anchor christmas ales? (too close to stanford?)

The Riverman said...

Rival brewers, perhaps? The Trappists vs the Rogues, Russian River vs Anderson Valley? Or beers: Old Rasputin vs Samuel Smith, Arrogant Bastard vs Bigfoot Barleywine, &c. You could rotate through various labels for continued novelty.

-adam aka sass

Esme said...

I like Nor/So (emphasis on NORCal, not NOCal, grrr...). And I would like to amend Ned's idea to get those fucking analysts out of the mix... behaviorists/systems theorists?

I'll be there in May! Yay!

maia said...

definately autobots/decepticons. everyone can relate to robots in disguise. would californians appreciate napa valley/silicon valley? red thong/white breifs?

Maciek Sakrejda said...

How about "hip & clever restroom designations"/"sober restroom designations" for that one-two punch of play on words and self-reference?

Ashley said...

What about Ale & Lager?

dancilhoney said...

toilet partitions are absolutely essential features in just about every public bathroom we use.