Monday, February 19, 2007

One-handed Blogging Is Not So Verbose

Here's an update of the very many goings-on of the last week:

--Well, my lacerated left middle finger got infected. Umm, infected with bar fever, I'm sure, though the lab results aren't back yet. So I can't really use my swollen, tender left hand. I get to direct people like Brian and Jon around.

--Saturday and Sunday, we convoyed to Baltimore in a cube truck and sedan. We found a lot of pine siding (for the divider between the two rooms), as well as some huge fuzzy oak and pine beams with a lot of character (what for to build furniture out of). Finally, we got another kitschy lamp and a nice big woody couch. Thanks to Brian, Brian, and Jon for doing so much lugging. One thing we didn't find was a stained glass panel that we'd like to install in an interior window--anyone know any good stained glass makers/dealers? Also, our couch cushions, while sturdy, leave something to be desired aesthetically--can anyone sew new fabric on to them? (So many ways to help!)

--Last week, we essentially finished the demolition. This week, we'll need to get a carting service to take it all away--the big piles of scrap wood and sheets of plywood, the long metal strips and flourescent light fixtures, etc. We're also trying to get some brick people in to brick over the holes our dry wall demolition created.

--The HVAC people are in the place right now hanging shiny chrome ducts all over the place. The ceiling guys are finishing up priming. Next up, we frame a second bathroom and get started on electric, plumbing, and skylight installation. We'd also like to hang a tin ceiling in the back room.

--I think that's basically it for now. Many pictures to come.

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