Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Here's a photo diary of sorts, from recent days. Some recurring themes you'll find are:

--We removed the huge "Color Sign" sign from the storefront. More accurately, Kevin removed it. He got tired of us diddling around high up on our ladders ("Look! He scared! He nervous! I go up!"), dashed up to the top of the ladder, undid screws, cut bolts, and took the sign down in a matter of an hour or so.
--We hacked up and removed the metal staircase from the back of the bar. We jigsawed the crap out of the 1/4-inch metal pipe, cut the staircase in two, and carried each part outside. We were skeptical that anyone would want to take the staircase, but Kevin was confident. ("You bring metal outside on recycling day, 1-2-3, someone take it!") He was right. Literally before we put the staircase down, someone ran to grab a hand cart to carry it away. We also removed a bunch of other sign materials. Tomorrow, we're dumpstering all our other miscellaneous demolition byproducts, and will have a pristine space at last.
--So, by the way, we now have a hole in our floor. Watch out.
--The front room ceiling is done and primed and everything. Hurrah, etc.

Here we go:

We destroyed the bathroom ceiling in order to let the HVAC guys install ducting above.

Results of demolition in back room. We'll have to brick over these spaces.

Bar after HVAC duct install (see shiny new ducting on right). Also, check out hot hot new ceiling.

After "Color Sign" removal.

Gaping dangerous hole in back room after staircase removal.

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