Monday, October 4, 2010

Story Collider October 20 at 8 pm.

Gravity is inescapable. From scaling a mountain to forming galaxies to watching a family heirloom shatter on the ground, it is a central aspect of all of our lives, but we routinely take it for granted. And just when you're forced to step back and think about it, it turns out you were facing away from the edge of a cliff.

The Story Collider brings together animators, researchers, musicians, and other disreputable types to tell us personal stories about the times when, for good or ill, science happened. Join us for five tales of Gravity, 8 PM October 20 at Pacific Standard. No cover, no drink minimum.

Stories by:

Andy Christie, Scientific Illustrator
Ophira Eisenberg, Comedian
Eugene Lim, Cosmologist
Ariana Seigel, Actor and Comedian
Brian Wecht, String Theorist and Ninja

Hosted by Ben Lillie and Brian Wecht

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