Saturday, October 16, 2010

Standard Issues storytelling October 26 at 8 pm.

The following is a transcript of a conversation between one of the producers and one of the storytellers, earlier today on Facebook:

P: Can't remember if I booked you for this month or next month, and facebook is not letting me access my messages. This month is the 26th and the theme is misunderstandings. Can you do it?

S:i could be lying - but, I am not lying, yes, you did -- but I thought Cyndi said it was "monsters" - are y...ou sure its misunderstandings? Which is fine by me - great theme. do you need my name again?

P: After talking with Cyndi, comes to light that, Yes, she did say that the theme would be Monsters. But I forgot. And I have already told all the performers that the theme is Misunderstandings. So we are going to have to stick with Misunderstandings. Which seems even more appropriate now.

and scene.

Bathing in the professionalism that is this production this month will be:

Tracy "That's Not Mine, Officer" Rowland
Jim "Oh, When Are You Due?" O'Grady
Nelson "I Had The Money Here Somewhere" Lugo
Michelle "I Was Supposed To Declare That?" Carlo
Johanna "I Can Check Myself Out At Anytime" Clearfield
Rachel "I Totally Remember That Conversation" Khona
Brad "That's What Communicable Means?" Lawrence

with your host, Cyndi "I Thought The Wedding Was A Play Rehearsal" Freeman

And you, if you are the fabulous Mystery Guest drawn from the hat.

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