Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Story Collider tomorrow at 8 pm.

We've all heard tales of parallel universes, the worlds that are right next to ours, but incomprehensibly different. And at The Story Collider, we know that they exist. They're all around us - from the countless bacteria on your skin and in your body, to the three people right next to you on the subway, to the Star Trek induced dreams of Utopia - and they're never quite what we expect. Join The Story Collider for six stories of separate worlds and what happens when they come together.

The Story Collider Run 3, "Parallel Universes"; 8pm July 15 at Pacific Standard; 82 Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn. No cover, no drink minimum.

The Story Collider brings together web designers, researchers, musicians, and other disreputable types to tell us personal stories about the times when, for good or ill, science happened.

Stories from:

Memory Researcher and Essayist CAT BOHANNON
Science Storyteller BEN LILLIE
Editor, Novelist, and Musician BRIAN FRANCIS SLATTERY
String Theorist BROOK WILLIAMS

Hosted by Ben Lillie and Brian Wecht.

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