Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The debut of Sixpoint's Signal smoked beer on July 13.

As a Good Beer Seal member, Pacific Standard will one of the few bars getting a very limited-edition Sixpoint beer made specifically for Good Beer Month, their Signal smoked beer. The early details: it's a fruity beer which is light enough for summer drinking with just the faintest, nearly imperceptible hint of smoke. We'll debut it simultaneously with other Good Beer Seal bars, on Tuesday, July 13. You can also hear us on the radio briefly--Pacific Standard and some other bars will be calling in to report on the tapping of this new beer in a "Simultap" episode of Beer Sessions Radio. The show starts at 5; we'll be on at 5:20. Link here:

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keiji said...

actually Six Point Signal will debut on July 11th at Meatopia:BBQ NYC, a BBQ food festival on Governors Island.

the Signal Ale was actually developed for the event, and is most likely why its a smoked ale