Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Further Fortnight of Fury.

As many of you know, an astounding variety of completely random woes have beset our bar in recent months. (The Christmas Pig must still be out there--please destroy all traces of him wherever you find him). We're now asking you, friends of the bar, to lend us a helping hand in our battle against the array of revenuers, corrupt city employees, and bucket-throwing drunks who have cost us money. By drinking, of course. Yes, that's right: a new Fortnight of Fury is indeed upon us. From July 15 until the end of the month, you are hereby challenged to come here and drink as much beer as is (responsibly) possible. If pure love of the Standard is not enough to motivate you, we have all kinds of incredibly awesome stuff we've collected over the years to give to the top five finishers (plus we will definitely throw you some kind of party). Anyone, in fact, who is able to drink over 40 beers over the course of the fortnight (we're being pretty loose here, and allowing you until the end of July, a couple extra days), will get some fun items, depending on what Pacific Standard stuff you may have/not have already. A short and by no means complete list:

--Pacific Standard logo beer cozies
--Pacific Standard iron-on patches
--Pacific Standard t-shirts
--Pacific Standard pint glasses/growlers
--Fancy microbrewery signs
--Other vintage signs left over from this building's days as a sign store
--Vintage baseball cards and games!
--Our first-ever Pacific Standard beer journals! These books are a handsome way for you microbrew fans to log the different beers you drink and write in comments about their taste, where you had them, who you were drinking them with, how that person won't wipe the stupid grin off their face, etc.

Ask your bartender starting tomorrow for a Fortnight of Fury tracking sheet, and let the sparkly stars, and the feeling of self-worth from helping a worthy cause, accumulate!

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