Thursday, April 8, 2010

U.S.-England match June 12.

Because the U.S.-England match on June 12 at 2:30 pm is going to be such a big event, we're selling tickets in advance, and hiring a doorperson, for crowd control purposes. This way we can all have a bit of space to stretch out, and won't have to worry about being shoulder-to-shoulder. Your ticket will come with a free beer, and will cost $8 in order to pay for said beer and the doorperson we'll need to have. You can buy them starting immediately here at the bar; just ask your bartender. (The ticket doesn't mean you shouldn't tip your bartender for your beer!)

We may or may not need to regulate admission to other U.S. games. If we do think a given game will be crowded, we'll be selling tickets at the door, first-come, first-served. Any questions, just e-mail us. This World Cup should be awesome. U.S.A. and so forth.

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