Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mimsy storytelling here May 3 at 8 pm.

Mimsy Storytelling, Season One, Show Two
"Nerds Unite"

Mimsy presents its second show at Pacific Standard with performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Ninja Sex Party, and Pod Awful. "Nerds Unite" recounts tales of supreme dorkiness, from dungeons to practice rooms, from dragons to unicorns. Be prepared to laugh at the performers as much as you laugh with them.

All stories for Mimsy are autobiographical and are presented live, without notes.



The inimitable Joseph Stanton!

Gluten-free Andrew Linderman!

Cuter-than-he-lets-on Andy Luca!

Ladies' lady Kerry O'Brien!

Really not cool kid Miguel de Leon!

Smartypants Brian Wecht!

Singer of the South Jesse Powell-Stroud!



Mimsy is a storytelling show based in Brooklyn, New York. Stories for Mimsy are centered around a central theme. All stories for Mimsy are autobiographical, and are presented live, without notes. Mimsy aims to be tell stories never before heard or seen and welcomes first-time storytellers to its community.

For information about upcoming shows and themes, or for information about how to get your story in Mimsy, please follow us on Tumblr at http://mimsyshow.tumblr.com, or send our coordinator an email at migueld+mimsy@gmail.com. All submissions entered will be read, but submissions do not guarantee a performance spot in the show. Any questions can be answered via our website. Follow us on Twitter @mimsyshow.

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