Saturday, April 10, 2010

More details on Mimsy storytelling a week from Monday.

Mimsy Storytelling, Season One, Show One
"My First Time"

Mimsy proudly presents its inaugural show at Pacific Standard, with storytellers from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the People's Improv Theater. The show, entitled "My First Time," follows first-time experiences from several walks of life.

All stories for Mimsy are autobiographical and are presented live, without notes. Our performers for the evening are Olivia Henderson, Caitlin Brodnick, Miguel de Leon, David Stadler, Carolina Barlow, Andrew Linderman, and Gabrielle Stern.



Olivia Henderson is a writer, improviser, and storyteller who lives in Hell’s Kitchen. She has told stories at the People’s Improv Theater, Dirty South Improv Comedy Theater, and many a bar. For more information – and cat photos – visit

Caitlin Brodnick is originally from Maryland and is now currently living in Queens, New York with her amazing boyfriend and her little sister. She is a receptionist by day and a comedian by night, but she is always crazy.

Miguel de Leon is a Brooklyn-based storyteller originally from California. He has told stories at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre under the direction of Margot Leitman. If he’s not telling stories, he’s improvising at the Upright Citizens Brigade or peddling noodles at Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village.

David Stadler is an actor / producer / writer / comic / tutor / temp / cat owner. He was most recently seen on the Biography Channel saving an Erik Estrada look-alike from a re-enactment. Find out more at

Carolina Barlow is a sophomore in college. She enjoys yoga, short stories, and naps. She is very allergic to poison oak. She loves money.

Andrew Linderman is a writer, comedian and performer living in Brooklyn. Since moving to New York last year, Andrew has studied improv, sketch and storytelling with a number of talented performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade, the Atlantic Theater, and HB Studios. When he’s not performing around the city, you can usually find him riding his bike around Brooklyn or stocking cans of beans at your local grocery store. If you see him, ask him for a recommendation for a gluten-free dessert.

Gabrielle Stern is a student of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She lives in Chelsea, New York with her two chubby chihuahuas.


Mimsy is a storytelling show based in Brooklyn, New York. Stories for Mimsy are centered around a central theme. All stories for Mimsy are autobiographical, and are presented live, without notes. Mimsy aims to be tell stories never before heard or seen and welcomes first-time storytellers to its community.

For information about upcoming shows and themes, or for information about how to get your story in Mimsy, please follow us on Tumblr at, or send us an email at All submissions entered will be read, but submissions do not guarantee a performance spot in the show.

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