Friday, January 15, 2010

Monday secret specials starting next week.

Just because we're bored and kind, for the duration of January and February, we'll be doing some super-secret Monday specials. We'll notify you folks in the in crowd of the special in the weekly mailing list e-mail, and on our blog/Twitter/Facebook accounts. Specials will vary with our whims, and are all only while supplies last.

Our first special is a nice one: come in on Monday the 18th, have two beers, mention the special to the bartender, and get 5 handsome Pacific Standard logo coasters to take home for all your drink moisture needs. They're made of sturdy cardboard and are quite durable, if not completely bulletproof.

Stay tuned for more specials--we have some pretty fancy stuff up our sleeves. In fact, we might need bigger sleeves.

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