Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And even sooner

we'll have a Flying Dog event at 7 pm on February 11. It'll be the New York City release of their brand-new Raging Bitch, their 20th anniversary beer, and we'll have a few choice other Flying Dog selections, like the Double Dog Double Pale Ale and the Garde Dog farmhouse ale. Flying Dog has collected a bunch of accolades recently, including being named the 2009 Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, and garnering three gold medals and one silver medal for their beers. The details on Raging Bitch:

Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian IPA (Denver, CO; $6/12 oz). Bitches come in a variety of forms, but there's never been something as sassy as Raging Bitch Belgian IPA. An American IPA augmented with Belgian El Diablo yeast, Flying Dog's 20th anniversary beer jumps out of the glass and nips at your taste buds with its delicate hop bitterness. 8.3% ABV.

As usual, we'll put all the Flying Dog beers on special and give away some stuff. Katie from Flying Dog will be here, too.

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