Monday, May 25, 2009

Sierra Nevada Best Bitter now on cask!

Seldom do we see this choice Sierra offering out here at all, much less on cask, as a good English bitter should be served. Come by soon to check it out:

Sierra Nevada Best Bitter (Chico, CA; $6/16 oz). Brewed using imported English malts and hops, this medium-bodied, copper-colored beer is a California rendition of the popular English Best Bitter style. A very drinkable, yet flavorful ale, rarely seen on the East Coast. 5.0% ABV.


Mottel said...

A bitter on tap while I'm visiting London . . . something from on High?
of note - which local British companies would you recommend while I'm touring?

Anonymous said...

very nice thanks for sharing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'

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