Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lots of new stuff now on tap.

We had a perfect storm of beer consumption this weekend, so, like a ship raising fresh sails after removing its weather-torn rags, we now proudly hoist a vastly changed tap menu. Interesting new beers include:

Bear Republic Rebellion (rare, tangy offering; back after a long absence).

Eel River California Blonde (Eel River, the nation's first certified organic brewery, has finally made it out to the East Coast. This is the first beer of theirs that we've carried.)

Ithaca Flower Power (this awesome hop blast is back in New York City, but as usual, probably for only a limited time.)

Sierra Nevada Summerfest (first time we've had this excellent summer brew since last year).

Stoudt's Smooth Hoperator (Stoudt's 20th anniversary beer is an American-style doppelbock. Another beer we've never had before.)

Two Brothers Domaine Dupage (a beer and a style we've never had before--a rural northern French amber ale. Really nicely balanced and drinkable.)

Weyerbacher Echo (back for a limited time--one of only a very few kegs left of this one-off copper ale.)

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