Friday, August 8, 2008

Our first anniversary party.

Good news! Sixpoint, our buddy brewery in Brooklyn, has been generous enough to offer to provide us with five (yes, five) IPAs for our anniversary event, including one brand-new beer and one special cask never seen before on our fair planet. The list follows. There will be specials. There will be Sixpoint personnel. There will be T-shirts. Is there any reason that you shouldn't be here on September 5?

Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA. The Bengali Tiger is Sixpoint’s tribute to the bounty of American hops—four different hop varieties grown in the Pacific Northwest provide this ale with a robust citrus flavor and aroma that is balanced by a generous amount of malt.

Sixpoint Gemini Double IPA. A full-frontal bouquet of lemon citrus zest and caramel candy. The flavor evolves into a full-bodied malt assault flanked by bitter and flavorful hops from the rear. It coats your tongue like cotton candy and wipes it clean with bitter citrus sorbet.

Sixpoint Belgian IPA. This Belgian-style ale pours a hazy amber color. Floral hops are present in the smell and on the tongue; sweet malts provide a nice support for the citric hops. A lighter bodied Belgian ale with a nice amount of carbonation.

Double Belgian IPA. No description is available yet, since this beer will be brand-new when we serve it on the 5th. Simply imagine the glory that this beer shall be, hold that hallowed image in your head, and then drink the damn thing, and be fruitful, and multiply.

Mystery Cask IPA. One of the four beers above will be altered in alchemical ways by Sixpoint staff and made into a completely unique firkin offering. We won't tell you what unearthly machinations are currently happening in Red Hook at the brewery, but you will be pleased to try this cask, trust us.

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