Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grand Prize for the Baraffle.

Since voting between the bike, the lifetime $1 Sixpoint discount, and the keg of Hop Obama was so close, and we didn't want to stick the grand prize winner with something they didn't want, we've decided to make the grand prize a choice between the three. That's right, the winner of our Baraffle on August 28 at 8 pm will get to choose between:

1. A bike from a local store! We'll work with you based on your preferences, though of course we have to stay in a relatively modest budget (no fancy road racing bikes, folks).
2. A lifetime, any-time discount of $1 off any Sixpoint beer at Pacific Standard. (The usual caveats about this deal depending on the existence of Pacific Standard and Sixpoint, and the fact that you can't combine this with any other discount, or use it to buy beer for your friends, apply).
3. A keg of Hop Obama, which can either be consumed at the bar with your friends at a party (in which case we'll also spring for delivery food), or at your apartment (but you gotta leave us a keg deposit).

Cool? Keep collecting tickets and we'll see you all for the big speech and the raffle.

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