Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mix CD contest winner(s).

We're now done listening, and re-listening, to your submissions. As we've said, all of them are already proving to be excellent additions to our playlist. But there were a few that went above and beyond the call of duty to add some really original material. Most conspicuous of those was Robert Silva's mix, which was entirely composed of songs that we not only don't have here, but that we've never heard in our lives. Which could have made it horrifying, but the songs themselves were great picks for a mellow weekend day or weekday night, a bunch of understated, underrated folk and blues. Congratulations, Robert: we'll be giving you a $20 bar tab for your efforts. We'd also like to mention two honorable mixes by Sam Neely and Shawn Thomas that came very close to being winners. Come by sometime, Sam and Shawn, and we'll get you a beer on the house.

Again, thanks to all! Your music has injected steroids into the tired running back that was our list. Feel free to keep bringing in mixes--we're not doing another contest for a while, but we're always looking for new and interesting stuff to play.

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