Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bottled beer update.

We've been both terrified and pleased by the ferocity with which our patrons have assaulted our initial store of rare bottled West Coast beers. Many of the bottles are already sold out. But we've ordered lots more, and will try to maintain stock as best we can given our limited refrigeration space. Look for some more in a week or so (we'll send out a notice, too), and until then, enjoy the several excellent bottles remaining (Anchor Small Beer! Midnight Sun Sockeye Red! Lost Coast Indica!).


Brian said...

Washington has some pretty good beers too.
Just throwing that out there.

Pacific Standard said...

We didn't feel qualified to select Washington beers, and were waiting for you to help. Give Jon a call. By the way, Elysian will be on tap in New York in a few weeks.

Pacific Standard said...
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