Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hop Obama: A New Hope.

Citizens, rejoice--Sixpoint has finally made a new batch of Hop Obama, and we're one of the first NYC bars to get it. Our keg arrived approximately 10 minutes ago, and will go on (with our bobblehead tap handle) as soon as another beer kicks, probably tonight or tomorrow. We're doing a different Obama promotion this time, and those of you reading this blog are the first to know how to take advantage of it: each time you order a Hop Obama, use the code word "hope" (as in "I hope this Hop Obama will be as good as the last one I had"). Every time you do, you'll get a ticket for our Baraffle, where we'll be awarding customers Barack and Sixpoint t-shirts, as well as other related merchandise. Date of the raffle and exact prizes TBA, but until then collect as many tickets as you can.

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