Thursday, September 6, 2007

I just sent this e-mail to the Pacific Standard mailing list.

Subject: We're open!/Fortnight of Fury
Date: September 6, 2007 6:07:55 AM EDT

Dear Friends of The Standard,

Thank you to everyone who made it out tonight for our first official night of Pacific Standard. From now on you can expect to see us open Monday-Friday 4 pm-4 am, and Saturday-Sunday 12 pm-4 am. Look for us to add food and hard liquor very soon, as well as additional bar features and events (I premiered our "Ask the Bar Therapist" corner late tonight).

I'm writing this e-mail not just to tell you that we're open, but to discuss our Fortnight of Fury, a (roughly) two-week period during which we'd like to see all of you, our old and new friends and neighbors, as much as possible. We very much want to set a laid-back, affable tone and clientele for the bar early on, and of course we don't want to seem like some kind of vast, unexplored rift of a bar. Regardless of your plans to frequent our beer-hole in the future, these couple weeks are paramount, seriously, in getting our bar off on the right foot population-wise.

And, yes, we wouldn't ask you to sacrifice your time and energy towards the excruciating task of drinking and enjoying yourself without providing some kind of reward. Though we imagine all your gases during this fortnight will be noble, we have decided to honor three distinct levels of fortitude, named after three distinct noble gases:

Radon: Attendance at all 14 days, with consumption of at least 50 total drinks. Plaque with your name on it placed at an as yet undecided (but fine, fine) location in the bar, three books of your choice from our library, 10 old-school baseball cards of your choice, 4 Pacific Standard beer cozies.
Argon: Attendance at 9-13 days, with consumption of at least 30 total drinks. Two books of your choice from our library, 10 old-school baseball cards of your choice, 4 Pacific Standard beer cozies.
Helium: Attendance at 4-8 days, with consumption of at least 20 total drinks. One book of your choice from our library, 5 old-school baseball cards of your choice, 2 Pacific Standard beer cozies.

Special Prizes for Pacific Standard-Related Valor may also be distributed, which may include posters, beer, food, or Other.

How do we verify your attendance and drinkitude? You'll see. Just ask your bartender for a card.

The official beginning of the Fortnight will be this Friday, September 7; it will run through Thursday, September 20. But for those of you who have already begun a streak tonight, on Wednesday the 5th, we'll count that if you so choose, so your Fortnight will last through September 18.

Any questions? Just write back or ask at the bar. Now, by all means, let's get furious.

All best,

John and Jon


Jared said...

I suggest you visit and link your blog to the site. It'll give you more exposure when you want to announce events like Fortnight of Fury.

Pacific Standard said...

Thanks, just registered there.

Michelle said...

I am so going Radon on your asses. You bitches are going down.