Monday, September 10, 2007

A glorious first weekend/experiments in controlled delirium

Excuse any fuzziness in this post, since Jon and I have been working nonstop since Wednesday. The 12 and 16 hour days tend to add up into a kind of long day, glorious nonetheless, since we're actually working for ourselves and our own idea. We've been continually impressed and flattered by how many people have come by who have read our blog, are from the West Coast, or are hopheads like us. Working here alone for so long gave us the idea we were in some kind of vacuum--that appears to be not the case at all. We really look forward to meeting more of you soon.

In more pragmatic news, we will have the Cal-Louisiana Tech game on Saturday, for the Bear fans out there. We're also near to completing our initial food and liquor inventory buys, so you can expect more options in both those categories soon. We're training other bartenders who should start working on Wednesday or so. Our bar ethicist and therapist are fielding questions, and we've placed a public gentlemanly-or-ladylike-prediction-recording device near our bulletin board for your use. Finally, the Fortnight of Fury is going swimmingly, with several people vying for the overall lead, and slaving for tiny golden stars in ways not seen since first grade.

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