Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Welcome to the Pacific Standard blog

Greetings, friends and fans of foppery, and welcome to what will hopefully serve as a window into the establishment of a bar, from Day 1 (the time I wrote "Let's actually start a bar" on a napkin and handed said napkin to Mr. Stan) through actual opening. We've already, to this point, gone through a lot of headaches and early steps, creating a business plan, walking the entirety of Central Brooklyn looking for a location, employing robot-builders, re-creating a business plan, almost signing a lease, not signing a lease, and really signing a lease. Now comes the fun business of renovation and permit acquisition.

The recent update is that we've completed a liquor license application, finally, after getting fingerprinted, photographed and otherwise treated roughly by the NYC bureaucracy. We're also in the middle of getting building permits and architectural plans. There was a terrible day where we thought the bar location was dead, but it turns out we were just the victim of the gleeful dourness of New York city mind. An architect's assistant told us we didn't have the correct certificate of occupancy for our space (the last one available in the city's Byzantine filing rooms was from 1946, and stated that our building was a lumber store/watch strap manufacturing/eyeglass manufacturing facility). And that, thus, we should immediately sue our landlord. What he was ignoring in joyously crushing our souls was obvious documentation and blueprints from 1983 that the building had indeed been changed to a store/residential unit. Thank God. We were very, very scared for about six hours (from 6:30, ugh, until 12:30 or so) until someone who knew what he was doing came in.

I'm going to try to post some initial photos soon. The next steps include finding a good carpenter (anyone?), and securing a contractor we've been talking with. We'll be on to renovations by early January, hopefully.

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