Friday, December 15, 2006

Community Board 2, unite!

Though the state liquor authority has final say over whether a bar does or does not get a liquor license, the community board's recommendation or disapproval is very important. So I went to the offices of the bar's community board today, and had a good talk with the district manager. He said that they're being tougher on applicants these days, and that we'll have to make a strong case that we'll be good neighborhood citizens before the board. Our hearing will be on January 3. Before that time, we're going to collect a lot of information to support our application. One thing that would be really helpful would be letters from those of you out there who live in Community District 2. A map of the district is here, if you're not sure:

If you live in the district and want to do us a big favor, write an e-mail or old-fashioned letter and send it to us (NOT directly to the community board) at We'll print out the letters and use them to convince our friendly community board members that we're solid folks. You can write whatever you want in your letter, but if you're feeling uncreative and just want to cut and paste, I drafted something below that you can use. Thanks!


Brooklyn Community Board 2
350 Jay Street, 8th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dear Community Board 2 Members:

As a resident of Community District 2, I'd like to express my hearty support for John Rauschenberg and Jonathan Stan's proposed bar, Pacific Standard. I believe that a literary and artistic hub, a place where residents of the area can meet, talk, and read, is sorely needed in the downtown Brooklyn area, and that Pacific Standard will serve as that center. I think that Pacific Standard will also contribute greatly to the overall revitalization of Fourth Avenue, and that the bar will be a responsible community citizen, giving the community far more than it would take away.

I encourage you to recommend that they receive a liquor license.


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