Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yet further details on our birthday event September 14.

Here are the awesome beers from Sixpoint we'll have on our 3rd birthday (observed) September 14:

On draft:

--Missionary Style IPA (you can check out Sixpoint's Facebook post about it here: http://bit.ly/djlFwI). We'll have it on draft and in firkins! Finally Pacific Standard and Sixpoint have consummated their long-simmering relationship with a beer Sixpoint brewed exclusively for Pacific Standard.
--Bengali Tiger
--Sehr Crisp Pilsner
--Pumpkin Brewster (brand-new pumpkin beer)
--Apollo Wheat
--Otis Stout (on nitro!)
--Old Krusher (barleywine!)
--Gorilla Warfare
--Double Sweet Action
--Two Enterprise beers (not to be missed--they're one-off experimental beers from Sixpoint's pilot brewing program)

In casks:

--Sixpoint Righteous Rye
--Sixpoint Missionary Style IPA (the special Pacific Standard beer in firkin form too!)

Overall, we'll have 12 Sixpoint beers on draft and 2 Sixpoint beers on cask, for a whopping 14 tasty quaffs from Brooklyn. We'll also have special Sixpoint/Pacific Standard mashup pint glasses which we'll be giving away (more details on that soon). This is probably the most essential night to be at Pacific Standard in our 1000+ days of being open; we hope to have a beer with you Tuesday!

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