Friday, February 12, 2010

As usual, we'll have the MLB package

and will be showing all the A's games in 2010, plus any other baseball games you come in and ask for, the fact that we have only two screens (but glorious and large screens) permitting. Opening Day will be April 5; we'll have an A's special that day. Come in, mention that you're here to watch the A's game--it's at 10 pm--and get happy hour ($1 off all drinks) all night. Looking forward to what should be a fun season, with a lot of good pitching and some new young talent.

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Kyu said...

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As part of a larger plan to build new hotels, restaurants, and cafes, a new destination stadium will attract visitors from all over the region. We hope our ballpark will be a catalyst to bring new investment and jobs to Oakland.

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