Monday, August 3, 2009

NYC Craft Beer Week Passports now for sale at Pacific Standard!

Craft Beer Week 2009 promises to be an unmissable beer extravaganza. It is not a question of whether or not you should go to many of the very cool events and beer bars that are participating, but where you can find the magical Golden Ticket that gives you discounts at the events and beer bars.

To wit: we now have NYC Beer Passports on sale here at Pacific Standard. They're $35, but easily pay for themselves with all the deals you'll get as a Passport holder. First of all, at over 80 beer bars in New York City (including, natch, us) you'll get to enjoy a tasty microbrew for only $2. Plus, there are specials at many of the fancy Beer Week events, and discounts you're entitled to beyond Beer Week. You also get a pocket-sized guide to everything that's happening.

Find out more about Craft Beer Week at And come by Pacific Standard to get your passport while they're hot off the presses.

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