Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stone Levitation and Russian Imperial Stout now on tap.

Today, we welcome Stone Levitation to New York City to stay, as well as a rare cellared keg of their Russian Imperial Stout! The details:

Stone Levitation Ale (San Diego, CA; $6/16 oz). This deep amber ale has a big hoppy bitterness, with crisp citrus flavors, but has a modest, sessionable alcohol percentage, especially for a Stone beer. 4.4% ABV.

Stone Russian Imperial Stout (San Diego, CA; $7/12 oz). The aroma of this bold, heavy imperial stout is deceptively light. The taste, however, pulls no punches. The roasty malt flavors mingle with a blast of coffee, chocolate, dried fruits, anise, and alcohol. The hops show up at the end, keeping the finish dry. 10.8% ABV.

Come by to celebrate, and to grab a pint of the Russian Imperial Stout before it disappears.

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