Saturday, September 20, 2008

Presidential Debate Watch Parties

We'll be having debate-watching parties for all the debates: September 26, October 2 (vice-presidential), October 7, and October 15. Starting at 8 pm, we'll have beer specials, and we'll watch the actual debates on our big projection screens starting at 9 pm each of those nights. No need to RSVP; just show up early because it'll be first-come first-served as far as seating goes. (But we won't be nearly as crazy as the convention speech night, I think!).


cporeca said...

Will Hop Obama be on tap during the debate this Friday, 9/26?

J-C. G. Rauschenberg said...

Yes, it will. If at all possible, we'll have Hop Obama at least through the general election on November 4.

Anonymous said...

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william said...

Barack Obama was clear on what he would do as President. John McCain only confused me and talked in circles; I never heard any clear policy from him. Barack Obama knows exactly what he will do to help our country become the best it can be; Barack Obama won this debate!
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Julio César Fernández said...

I liked Obama
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