Sunday, January 13, 2008

Official Beer and Cheese Night Announcement

We're thrilled to present our first beer and cheese night on February 5. The cheeses are stunning, and paired with our space-time-fabric-tearing beers, will gain whole new dimensions.

Beer and Cheese Night at Pacific Standard
Tuesday, February 5, 8:30 pm

Some of the cheeses we'll have include:

--Juniper Grove Buche, goat, Oregon. Dense and creamy with sweet vanilla notes.
--Constant Bliss, cow, Vermont. Constant Bliss is made by Jasper Hill Farms exclusively from evening milk. Evening milk is richer than morning milk since the cows have been out grazing all day and their milk is more nutritious. Constant Bliss is very much like a double creme cheese, but since it is raw milk and released just when its legal at 60 days, it has a nice nuttiness and more pronounced truffle note than most cheeses this rich.
--Fiscalini Banage wrapped Cheddar, cow, California. Fiscalini is slightly nutty and sharp with notes of sweet cream and grass.
--Tumalo Farms Classico, goat, Oregon. Classico is an aged goat gouda with toffee and grass notes.
--Hooligan, cow, Connecticut. Hooligan comes from Cato Corner Farms. It is washed in brine which gives it a meaty aroma and flavor. Hooligan finishes with buttermilk and subtle raw cocoa notes.
--Rogue River Blue, cow, Oregon. Rogue River is a really spectacular blue that is wrapped in Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon leaves that have been soaked in pear schnapps. It is sweet, fruity, slightly boozy and woody with a pleasant earthy undertone. It's everything one could want in a blue.

Mix well with beers like the following:

--Rogue Mocha Porter
--Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
--Lagunitas Sonoma Farmhouse Ale
--North Coast Red Seal Ale

and many more! It'll be a very modest $5 buy-in for the cheese tasting, and we'll have numerous $3 beer specials that night. So put it on your calendar. We'll have more specific beer and cheese information closer to the event.

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Jonathan said...

Sounds great. I'll be there!